Artist Spotlight: Xavier Omar

By: Briana

Xavier Omar is an artist that has a refreshing sound in the world of mumble rappers.

Crediting himself on collaborations as early as 2013, Omar (formerly known as SPZRKT) started picking up activity in 2016 and has been making his mark in the music world. He specializes in mellow, vibe-accentuating contemporary R&B music. Although mumble rappers have their place in the world, Xavier Omar has made an impactful mark upon listeners.

His sound is fresh, upbeat and full of expression. From songs about the joy of noticing a newfound love to articulating the struggle of being in a relationship that has run its course, Xavier has a majestic way of narrating a story with which listeners from all walks of life can relate.

Xavier's sound is comparable to that of John Legend and Musiq Soulchild. He has a very modern instrumental sound that gives him his unique lane sonically while maintaining familiar warm soulful vocals. The combination of sultry vocals and innovative beats make Xavier a trendsetter among today’s musicians. 

Xavier offers some of the best music to brighten or calm your mood. His versatility has proven to be the needed influence in the quest to bring back the era of soul music. His sound is pure and intentional with the delivery of an honest account of the current dating cycle of the millennial. Xavier offers vulnerability through his music that meets the listener with a level of comfort that makes them feel understood and validated. The inclusivity of his music gives the listener the permission to be themselves.

Omar’s works of art include: Hours Spent Loving You [a joint project with Sango] (2016), The Everlasting Wave (2016), and Pink Lightning (2017).