The Stunt Can Stunt Your Growth

By: Briana and Kristina

It's no secret that we are existing in a time where the surface level and fallacy permeates the general public deeper than truth. Let us explain... there is more emphasis on appearances and popularity rather than substance. In a world that revolves around social media, unprecedented accessibility and constant readiness, our priorities have shifted in a multifaceted fashion. Our culture celebrates the "keeping up" psyche of having a perfect everything: job, love life, body, wardrobe, travel experiences, and overall materialistic gains. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with having nor striving for the best things life has to offer but these aspirations begin to get damaging to the extent that one will misappropriate their resources (monetarily and emotionally alike) to achieve this unattainable sense of perfection also known as "stunting".

Why do we as a society feel like it is necessary to stunt and “Do it for the gram (snap or book)”?

There are many reasons that one may have to stunt but there are some common themes that the stunt may be used for: to give the appearance of high status to make you seem superior to others, a mask to deflect off of the realities that you face, or a form of escapism used to avoid the reality that you face in your everyday life. When stunting to give the appearance of high status without the means to afford those items, it places one at a financial disadvantage. If you are at a current financial disadvantage, you cannot get to a point where you are actually moving and growing beyond your current state. Another danger to the mentality of stunting is that it will inhibit your sense of personal fulfillment, contributing to the inability to take a step back and assess your position in your life path which is harmful. Being "in the moment" all the time breeds an impulsivity feedback loop which ultimately leaves you apt to experience regular moments of feeling inadequate.

If you do not have the money or the means to flaunt, it's simple: DON'T DO IT! In this case, it is trickin if you don’t have it! Doin' it for the gram will only end up as a screenshot in someone else’s group chat. You are responsible for your life and living on its appropriate terms despite the opinions or observation of others.  Now... if you want to flex on yourself and treat yourself and share that with others after your core responsibilities (ie: bills, bills, bills) have been paid, GO FOR IT! There is an art to stunting, and balance is key.

In conclusion, it is important that you censor the imagery and information you let permeate your space and affect your state of mind. You owe it to yourself to saturate your life with positive messaging that gives you high self-worth. It’s pertinent to be ambitious and have aspirations but it is more important that you are at one with yourself.