The-Damsel [In Distress]



Fashion has always been an elusive concept to me.

Although I've always been a creative, I've prided myself on discipline which I attribute to my math and science foundation. Young me (Krissy) always needed answers to the 5 W's, especially: Why? Math and science [were] concrete, stable, had rules, and more importantly [generally] had solutions - my comfort zone. As a resolution-oriented, high-achieving child who was fascinated with STEM, the fashion world seemed like a mystical land of subjective, anonymous, decision-makers that was beyond reach.

My earliest memory of fashion is Gymboree - It feels like I donned every color palette iteration and pattern the brand produced from 1992-2000. Beyond that, during middle and high school, every month or so a Neiman Marcus catalog would arrive in the mail and I would peruse before my CEO mom got ahold of it to order her latest and greatest power suits (usually St. John). My favorite game was, "Wow! Guess how much this/that costs?"  [fashion merchandising guru in the making] completely astonished that someone in the world would purchase platform heels for $990. Prada didn't really mean much to a 12 year old me.

I've always felt as though I've had creative control over how I physically present myself to the world. Meticulous by nature and a stickler for details - I relieved my mom from hair duties at the tender age of 7 and would choose a week's worth of school outfits every Sunday so I knew what I'd be wearing in advance. Regardless, it wasn't until college - Shout out to University of Michigan and the largest, living alumni network -  that I truly embraced the importance of fashion.

As left-brained activities like studying became increasingly more time consuming, my capacity for right-brained activities like music and dance plummeted --- resulting in an imperative need for a creative outlet. The phenomenon of expressing myself in a non-verbal manner was exciting. Fashion and cosmetics became the only hobby for a stressed out Neuroscience major. In hindsight, I guess my solution to feeling crappy while stuffing my cerebrum was the motto, "look good, feel good".

With that said, I'd like to kick off my Fashion segment featuring a custom piece a fellow Wolverine alumnus, Sydney Tucker, created for me. Shortly after she graduated in May I showed up to her apartment armed with an idea, rough sketch, Levi jean jacket (that had been idly sitting in my closet for years) and numerous tools full-on ready for arts and crafts.

Video by Cylent Media
Music by The Webslinger

Founded by Sydney just under a year ago, Damsel In Distress (@damselindistress_) has already achieved several notable accomplishments- from being a featured designer in the NOiR S/S 17 Runway show in Ann Arbor to being showcased at the 2017 Denim Day Jeans for Justice Charity Fashion Show which was highlighted in a special segment on the Detroit Channel 7 news. Specializing in custom denim distressing, bleaching, and painting Damsel also creates hand-sewn, completely one/one pieces. No two pieces are made alike...ever! 

Featured Pins: American Heart Association Go Red For Women, Breast Cancer Awareness, City of Detroit, University of Michigan Football, IDGAF, National Society of Leadership & Success.

I thrive off of my individuality and I highly respect that of others, which is why it is so important to me that no two Damsel pieces are made alike. It’s cool to see everyone rocking your brand but as I continue to grow and expand I really want to hold true to the custom nature of my work because nothing beats the feeling of a perfectly fitted fly outfit that you know for a fact only YOU will have on. I create fashion for the bold fashionistas and fashion-forward guys who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and standout.
— Sydney Tucker